Once you enter the “Cava Oasis”, you will immediately feel its special aura and its welcoming atmosphere. You are welcome to visit our store to get your private ‘wine tour’ with us. We are waiting for you!

wine-and-spirits-store-santorini-oia Variety of brands Supplying a never-ending selection of brands from both Greece and outside, Cava Oasis Oia is the best option among wineries thanks to its "spirit" of excellence champagne-oia-santorini-liquor-store Premium spirits Enter a world of wine and spirits that is always being updated and specialized thanks to unique partnerships with the majority of regional wineries as well as significant international Houses. cigars-oia-santorini Cigars You are invited to look through our extensive and premium variety of cigars, which we represent from Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and many more countries. These cigars pair nicely with some of the well-known drinks we carry. delicatessen-products-oia-santorini DELI PRODUCTS delicatessen-products-oia-santorini A carefully curated selection of deli goods will be available, including marmalade, nuts, sweets made with Greek honey, salty or sweet nibbles, and pistachios from the area. wine-whiskey-tequila-oia-santorini Cava Oasis Oia Offering an endless collection of local labels (Santorini) from all over Greece and abroad, in terms of the completeness of its collection and in terms of customer service, Cava Oasis Oia is the top choice.


With a wide selection of wines, champagnes and spirits from Greece and around the world, “Cava Oasis Oia” is a wine store that has the most extensive wine list on Santorini.

For lovers of good wine, there are numerous labels including white, rosé and red wine, muscat, semi-sweet, etc. If instead, you prefer spirits, we have rare whisky, tequila, or rum to make the most enjoyable cocktail. Gift baskets are also available.

“For wine is the most beneficial of beverages, the pleasantest of medicines, and the least cloying of appetizing things, provided that there is a happy combination of it with the occasion as well as with water.”

Plutarch (Πλούταρχος, Ploútarchos, AD 46 – ~ AD 119)


Find all premium and unique brands of whisky


Explore the best selection of red, white and rosé wines


Discover our great variety of cigars from around the world


If you are looking for some of most premium champagnes, Cava Oasis Oia is the place

Cava Oasis Oia

Offering an endless collection of local labels (Santorini) from all over Greece and abroad, in terms of the completeness of its collection and in terms of customer service, Cava Oasis Oia is the top choice.

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“Wine is the window into man”

Alcaeus of Mytilene (c. 625/620 – c. 580 BC)

Our variety of brands

“Cava Oasis Oia” is a wine shop with possibly the broadest wine list in Santorini, offering an extensive choice of wines, champagnes, and sparkling wines from Greece and other countries.

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