Once you enter the “Cava Oasis”, you will immediately feel its special aura and its welcoming atmosphere. You are welcome to visit our store to get your private ‘wine tour’ with us. We are waiting for you!


About Cava Oasis Oia

the exclusive wine-spirits-deli-cigar-art store in Oia Santorini

Cava Oasis

Cava Oasis welcomes you to our aesthetic store in Oia-Santorini. We chose this wonderful building, a so called “Captain’s House”, in order to be able to offer you our wide ranging and unique collection of fine products in this traditional setting.

The Owner Words

Step into a world of wine and spirits, which is constantly being specialized and renewed, through exclusive collaborations with most of the local wineries but also major Houses abroad.

We are delighted in helping you select from the local wines we exclusively represent, as well as national and international labels in our selection of traditional Greek and foreign drinks and spirits. Have a look at our thoughtful gift compositions, fine delicatessen, cigars and accessories. Once you enter the “Cava Oasis”, you will immediately feel its special aura and its welcoming atmosphere. You are welcome to visit our store to get your private ‘wine tour’ with us.


We are waiting for you!


Wine & Spirits

Our aim is to provide a large selection of local wines at fair pricing. Cava Oasis’ well educated and helpful staff will guide you to choose for any personal occasion such as a stay on the island, your anniversary, your wedding day, a gift or our “bring back home” selection of wines and spirits.

Some of the things that have shaped our knowledge and experience in wine & spirits, are the constant attendance to exhibitions, the numerous excursions to vineyards and wineries, the participation in seminars and the tasting of various Greek and international wines and spirits.

Our Team is aware that every bottle of wine contains a great deal of work, worry, and anticipation. Each wine speaks in a unique way about the region, the vineyard, and the person who made it. We have a particular vulnerability when it comes to our local wines from the island, since we think that these wines are not only excellent, but also unique due to their local origin. We are confident though that there is no such thing as the “best wine”. In our store you will find every price range that will fully satisfy your various needs and desires.

You are welcome also to have a look on our wide and exclusive selection of cigars (Cuban, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic and many more) which compliment some of the well-known spirits we represent. Of course we are equipped with all necessary utensils for so you are able and enjoy your cigar right away.


Our collection of beverages and soft drinks

We prioritize quality and authenticity above all else. We source our beverages and liquors from reputable producers, ensuring that each product meets our stringent standards.

At Cava Oasis Oia, we’re proud to offer a diverse range of beverages to offer to every taste. Whether you’re a beer lover, a fan of refreshing soft drinks, or eager to explore the unique flavors of Greek liquors, we have something for you. Indulge in our selection of beers, from classic brews to exciting craft varieties.

For those seeking an authentic taste of Greece, we invite you to experience the rich flavors of local liquors, including the distinctive Ouzo, the resin-infused Mastiha, and the grape-based delight of Tsipouro. Explore our collection and discover your new favorite drink today.

Deli products

You will be able to find a selected variety of local deli products from Santorini, like pistachios, tomato paste, sundried tomatoes, caper and caper leaves, delicious sweets, Greek honey, olives, chutney, fresh cheese, bread sticks, cookies, chocolate, honey, chips (pringles), popcorn, marmalade, nuts and many more salty and sweet snacks and deli products in our store.

We update ourselves frequently about Greek Olive oil so that we can represent some of the finest qualities available in our store. Guiding you through the enormous variety of Greek deli products and having some of these delicious goodies in the CAVA OASIS store is one of our aims. Also, we cannot miss out to have a small selection of fine ART & GIFTS for you and yours.





We found this place while wandering around Santorini, and we are so glad we stopped in! The place had a wonderful selection, and the people were kind, helpful, and had wonderful humor. It’s a charming place, and I recommend it highly!

Sharla Hintz

Best selection of Kentucky Bourbon in all the surrounding countries. Loved the staff and the store. If you are only going to one liquor store, this should be it!!

Mike Hintz

Great variety of wines, spirits and cigars, very friendly staff, amazing location and aesthetic!!!! We stayed in total for 5 days and everyday we visited Cava Oasis in order to buy different things! We recommend this fantastic place to everyone! It is totally a must!!!!

Rachel Johnson


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